1.     RESPECT and care to everyone and what is ours.
2.    Don´t waste WATER because it is a very valuable and limited natural resource.
3.    Save ENERGY: turn off the lights and lift the blinds up.
4.    REUSE and RECYCLE papers, the forests will thank you.
5.    NOISE is also another kind of contamination. Don´t drag the chairs, raise them from the floor and go down the stairs quietly.
6.    The gardens need your cares. Enjoy their beauty and don´t walk on them.
7.    Our leftovers and rubbish don´t know how to walk. Don´t throw them on the floor. You must put them on the correct container or bin.
8.    You have to use a suitable container to the most contaminated things such as oils and batteries.
9.    The NATURE gives us a lot of rich fruits. Enjoy them!

REMEMBER! The Earth gives you 24 hours of different experiences every day!
So…Give it 24 hours of care!

ECO-Inglés (Unidades Didácticas)

Justification: To learn and know the basic concepts of recycling using the “Three Rs”: -Reduce  -Reuse  -Recycle

Didactic Aims:
·         To develop the ability of recycling.
·         Be able to tell the difference between different kind of rubbish.
·         Be able to classify the rubbish.
·         To know the different kind of energies.
·         Be able to recognize the endangered animals.
·         Be able to use the vocabulary of the topic.
·         Be able to use simple expressions related to the topic.
·         To produce simple ecological messages.
·         Be able to find solutions to our problems (Global warming).

Justicación: Aprender y saber los conceptos básicos del reciclaje usando las tres Rs: -Reducir -Reutilizar  -Reciclar
Objetivos didácticos:
·         Desarrollar la habilidad del reciclaje.
·         Ser capaz de diferenciar los distintos tipos de basura.
·         Ser capaz de clasificar la basura.
·         Conocer los diferentes tipos de energía.
·         Ser capaz de reconocer los animales en peligro de extinción.
·         Ser capaz de usar el vocabulario de la unidad.
·         Ser capaz de usar expresiones simples relacionadas con la unidad.
·         Producir mensajes ecológicos sencillos.
·         Ser capaz de encontrar soluciones a nuestros problemas (Calentamiento global).